Episode 121 - Stalking: Living In Real Fear


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Laura Richards and Rachel Horman, award winning lawyer and Chair of Paladin National Stalking Advocacy Service, take a deep dive into the subject of stalking.

Laura and Rachel discuss many cases including the five year stalking campaign waged on Helen Pearson which escalated to attempted murder, the case of Justene Reece and Dr Alison Hewitt who was stalked by a narcissistic psychopath and narrowly survived.

Many of our listeners have written in with questions about what to do if you are being stalked and we have responded. This is a special episode to mark National Stalking Awareness Week in the UK.






Rachel Horman Biography

Rachel Horman is a Solicitor and Head of the Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Forced Marriage Department at Watson Ramsbottom Ltd. With over 20 years experience

Rachel is also the Chair of the charity Paladin, the National Stalking Advocacy Service

Rachel regularly advises clients on how to increase the chances of obtaining a successful prosecution for stalking as well as advising in relation to civil options.

She was highly commended in the Female Lawyer of the Year Category at the Law Society Excellence Awards 2016, won the Eva Business Award 2016, the Jordans Family Law Partner of the Year Award in 2014 and the National Family Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award in 2012 as recognition of her work in these areas.

Rachel writes a poplar blog rachelhorman.co.uk where she comments on new developments or gaps in the law around Domestic Abuse, Stalking and Honour Based Violence.

Please include (same as Clive pod)

6 Golden Rules If You Are Being Stalked

R - report it to police. Stalking is a crime. Tell people what's happening to you.

E - evidence collection. Save and retain all evidence.

P - practical advice from experts like Paladin and the National Stalking Helpline.

O - overview of what's going on. Keep a diary with the time, date, stamp of the behaviour.

R - risk screening questions. Anderson 12 S-DASH questions.

T - Trust your instinct.



Advice for Victims and Stalking Law


DV La Reform and Coercive Control Guidance


HMIC/CPS Inspection Report in to the PÓlice and Crown Prosecution Response to Stalking


Petition for Serial Stalkers

Sign the petition for serial stalkers and domestic violence perpetrators to be included on the sex offenders register


Alison Hewitt’s Book- Stalked


Please visit watsonramsbottom.com and paladinservice.co.uk

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