3 Ways We’ll Help You Buy & Sell a Home All at Once


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Perhaps simultaneously buying a new home and selling your current home is an approach that lines up with your real estate goals. If that’s the case, there are three solutions to help you maneuver through the process smoothly: Speak with a reputable lender to learn all your options first. Your lender may reveal that you have enough equity in your current home to extract and use as a down payment on your new home—what’s known as a bridge loan. We have lenders who can help you with this option. If you’re selling first, place a contingency offer on your new home. With this contingency, any purchase you make hinges on the sale of your current home. Until then, you’re not obligated to go through with buying a home. “Your lender may reveal that you have enough equity in your current home to extract and use as a down payment on your new home.” It will also allow us to extend the closing date on your purchase if necessary. Say our original closing date is set for May 25, which would mean your first payment is scheduled for July 1. By extending your closing date to June 1, though, your first payment won’t be due until August 1—that one extra week gives us a much larger window of time to sell your home. Finally, sell your home through our exclusive guaranteed sale program. You’ve heard it on the radio and we’ve said it for years: If we can’t sell your home through the traditional course in 59 days or less, we will buy the home ourselves. You’ll be made aware of the buyout price and any fees up front so you can plan for your next purchase without any uncertainty about your home sale. What if you’re already eyeing a property you love, and you’d like to make a speedy sale? No worries! We can even give you an instant offer on your home, in which you can set the closing date. As you can see, we have just about every situation covered for your specific buyer and seller needs. Just reach out to us. We’d be happy to help!

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