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In this podcast, we’ll talk to a diverse group of leaders who’ll share their experiences and stories of building teams in an ever-changing and complex workplace landscape. We decided to launch RealTalk because every business has the opportunity to make their workplace better. It’s just a matter of finding the right ideas to get started. We hope to help businesses increase their employee attrition and retain their employee talent. Not to mention, helping our listeners increase efficiency overall.Throughout the podcast, we’ll gather key insights from our guest leaders and hear about their personal recipes for success. Some components of team-building success include driving impact, boosting engagement, strengthening connections, and focusing on inclusivity. Additionally, powerful leaders also share tips and lessons that they’ve learned along the way. You’ll hear regrets, comeback stories, and real perspectives about what goes on behind the scenes as a leader.If you’re somebody who likes to be one step ahead, RealTalk has you covered. Guests also share their predictions for company and team trends in the future so you could have a competitive advantage.

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