Exciting Updates Re: Our 5-Star Costa Rica Development


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We've got some exciting news regarding our Costa Rica Spa Retreat and Residential Community that I can't wait to share with you today.

You may have heard that about two years ago, we raised almost $5M to acquire 800 acres of fertile land near the fastest growing city in Costa Rica. And you may be wondering whatever happened to it.

In short, we got our entitlements very quickly, and were able to start Phase II earlier this year with another $4M raise.

Just this week, we sealed the deal with a big time Wall Street investor who plans to fund the entire spa resort for Phase III! So if you were hoping to get involved with this syndication, the time is now - before it is fully funded by the big money boys.

Please note, this particular investment allows only accredited investors, per SEC rules. Though we sure wish we could open it up to the many people who have expressed interest.


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