REALLY Know Your Customer


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Growing the company. It’s the CEO’s #1 priority. And yet oftentimes a gap exists between the strategies of the CEO and the demands of customers. This strategic gap slows growth and erodes your competitive edge while exposing your organization to unnecessary risks. By gaining a deep awareness and understanding of this chasm, CEOs can lead the charge to align the strategy, promises and experience to gain customer loyalty and advocacy and eliminate the friction that can open the door for a mass exodus to the competitor.If you’re in the C-Suite and concerned about the growth and velocity of your company, REALLY Know Your Customer is the podcast for you. Let Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh be your guides to show you how to close the strategic gap that exists between your company and your customers. With insights from experienced executive-level guests, this podcast will change the way you think as a leader and will challenge your views on how to build a winning strategy supported by operations and tactics that leverage your key customer relationships. Betsy Westhafer is a best selling author, speaker, and the CEO of The Congruity Group, a consultancy helping B2B C-Suites expand trusted customer relationships so they can ensure the future of their high-growth organizations. Through the deployment of executive-level Customer Advisory Boards, Betsy helps Congruity clients gain the critical insights they need to mitigate the risks associated with: client attrition and market share loss, ineffective strategies and business models, reputation damage from dissatisfied customers, industry disruption, misaligned business models, irrelevance in the market, and counterproductive organizational dynamics. Throughout her career, Betsy has led confidential C-Suite conversations around the world, including in the US, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, diving into customer perception gaps, market trends, and innovation. She helps clients uncover insights into where customers need them to be in order to achieve mutual success, all while strengthening key customer relationships to minimize the gap between their own strategies and the strategies of their customers. Tony Bodoh is an expert in human experience. He is the CEO of the customer experience consultancy, Tony Bodoh International, and has co-founded four other companies. He works with startups and world-renowned brands to align their strategies, promises, and experiences which enables accelerated customer acquisition and significant improvements in customer retention. Three of his books have been on more than twenty of Amazon’s Best Seller lists, and his training programs are used across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Tony balances the ability to invent new forms of data analysis to discover insights with his ability to coach leaders through the transformation of their mindsets and the culture of their organizations. Drawing on the experiences of top-level (C-Suite) executives who have cracked the code when it comes to leveraging customer relationships to align their brand’s strategy, promises, and experiences, this podcast will challenge you and provoke new thinking. Learn from the best practices and biggest mistakes of high-level, knowledgeable, confident, and experienced C-Suite guests. Hang out with the best and brightest to accelerate your organization’s growth. Let us help you explore new ways to nurture those key customer relationships so you can continue your high-growth trajectory and build your customer base into the future. In this quickly evolving business environment, you could be a high-growth company today and gone tomorrow. Disruption is a given and no organization is immune. The market is so dynamic that relying on the status quo is a recipe for extinction. The best way to ensure sustainability is to deeply understand what your customers need, want, and expect from your organization today and in the future. Join Betsy Westhafer and Tony Bodoh and their guest experts here on REALLY Know Your Customer. We are here to help.

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