RSR295 - Jordan Valeriote - How to Mix Heavy Hardcore Music to Sound Powerful Lush and Loud


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My guest today is Jordan Valeriote an independent producer, mixer, and audio educator from Ontario, Canada, specializing in hardcore music. Recently Jordan joined us to talk about how to go from charging $100 to $1000/song as a full-stack producer. If you want to learn more about that go check out that bonus episode.

Jordan has worked with many heavy bands like Silverstein, Antimacy, the Dead and Divine, Prophets for the Counterparts, Nick Johnston, Forevermore, Great Lakes, Mandroid Echostar, and Skynet to name a few. And today we are going to focus on mixing and what lessons Jordan has learned about mixing heavy music himself and through his teaching over at Hardcore Music Studio.

I'll see what we can learn about some of the most common struggles you might be having with getting rock music to sound powerful, tight, and in your face when you record and mix.

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