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Red-Eye and Erratic Asthmatic discuss more delicious foods as well as today's summer solstice! In addition to the elongated day that is the solstice, there is also national smoothie day that can be observed for all those who love having fruits (or even vegetables) in a smoothie form. The best smoothies according to Erratic come from berries, and not the berries one would usually think of, but actual botanical berries like bananas (yes, bananas are berries!) After enjoying a refreshing smoothie, we'd love to hear about your summer activities, perhaps you like to skateboard? And overall, what is the correct way to make cereal? We all know there is a correct way.

Join us in our discussion! Had you paid attention to solstices in the past? Did you know that bananas and grapes are berries? And strawberries are not!? Either way, what do you like when enjoying a smoothie? What are your favorite summer activities? Do you like to skateboard? Have you ever done any skateboarding outside of Skate 3 or Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series? Do you commit ultimate sins when making cereal? Let us know everything!

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