You are awesome. Your comparisonitis is not


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Am I a fraud?: What do Tina Fey, Tom Hanks, Neil Gaiman, Maya Angelou and Seth Godin have in common? Comparisonitis. You may have heard of this by it’s more common name, Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome: refers to high achieving individuals, marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a fraud.

It’s that tiny voice in your head telling you that you’re not an expert, that you can’t apply for that job or that you can’t charge that much. It can feel overwhelming at times, and very convincing. Even Seth Godin, the King of the Internet, has dealt with it!

So if highly accomplished people are feeling like frauds, what hope do we have? On this week's episode, of Republic of Freedom Radio, we chat about the 7 strategies that work to kick comparisonitis.

It’s up to us! Are we going to continue to let comparisionitis to take up critical headspace, or are we going to choose to tell it who’s boss?


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