EPISODE 14: TOO MANY GAMES 2017 Ft. AVGN, My Life in Gaming, Game Chasers, the Gaming Historian, Pixel Dan and more!


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In this episode Rick and Sal venture out of the studio and record live at Too Many Games 2017. They walk the floor interviewing many famous gaming enthusiasts such as the Angry Video Game Nerd, the Game Chasers and My life in Gaming. The Caruso Bros find out what got their guests into video games and what are some of their favorite tracks. Enjoy the Waves!

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Episode 14: Too Many Games 2017

Intro - Blazing Lazers - Area 1 (TG16)

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:Hyperstone Heist - New York City (GEN/MD)
  • Mega man 3 - Title Theme (NES)
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Dark World (SNES)
  • Actraiser - Ending (SNES)
  • Rayman Legends - Castle Rock (WiiU)
  • Sonic 2 - Aquatic Ruin Zone (GEN/MD)
  • Castlevania IV - Prologue (SNE)
  • Space Harrier - Main BGM (SMS)
  • Blaster Master - Area 1 - Forest (NES)
  • Kirby’s Adventure - Ending Theme (NES)

Outrun - Last Wave (GEN/MD)

Links to all the Guests in this episode.

YouTube Channel: Twitter:

Cinemassacre @cinemassacre

My Life in Gaming @MyLifeInGaming

Game Dave @NextGameDave

Pixel Dan @PixelDan

The Game Chasers @thegamechasers

Shady Jay @ShadyJay1908

8 Bit Eric @8biteric

The Gaming Historian @GamingHistorian

Pat the NES Punk @PatTheNESpunk

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