EPISODE 29: New Ghostbusters II, Red Dead 2, Fortnite Crossplay & Luigi's Mansion 3


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In this episode Rick and Sal are joined by Melanie and their friend Amir. They talk about New Ghostbusters II for the Nintendo Famicom, Sal’s 2 year anniversary cohosting the show, and they run through some old and new leaks and announcements during this months Boombox News. Enjoy the Waves!

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Links of Interest:

Red Dead Gameplay Trailer 2

Sony Exec talks Fortnite Crossplay

Luigi's Mansion 3 Announcement Trailer

Reggie Metroid Game Awards Rumours

New Ghostbusters II

Release Dates

EU: December 7, 1990

JP: December 26, 1990

Developer: HAL Laboratory

Publisher: HAL Laboratory

Composer: Jun Ishikawa


Intro Music - Ghostbusters Theme

Episode Overview

Section 1 - Retro Replay

Section 2 - Boombox News

  • Music Break 1

The Courtroom

Abandoned Subway

Peters Apartment

  • Retro Replay - New Ghostbusters II

Back Story/Fun Facts

Personal Experience (Past/Present)

Does it Hold Up (Nostalgia Scale 1-5)

  • Music Break 2

River of Slime

The Museum

Vigo’s Alter

  • Boombox News - Video Game News

Fortnite Crossplay PS4 Beta

Castlevania Requiem coming to PS4

GENMDM has been re-released by Catskull Electronics

PS Now Game Downloads

Red Dead Gameplay Trailer #2

Metroid Prime 4 tease at VGA 2018?


Animal Crossing for Switch

Luigi's Mansion 3

Outro - Last Wave

*All music recorded from original gaming hardware*

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