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In this episode Rick and Sal reach for the stars to bring back the often forgotten SEGA mascot RISTAR from obscurity. The brothers discuss RISTAR for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive. They also breakdown gameplay mechanics, planets/levels and like always the episode is jam packed with music! Enjoy the Waves!

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Platform: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

Published and Developed: SEGA

Composer: Tomoko Sasaki


Opening Theme

Pray!! Pray!! Play!!

Planet Flora

  1. Shooting Ristar

Planet Undertow

  1. Break Silence

Planet Scorch

  1. Busy Flare

Planet Sonata

  1. Du - Di - Da!!

Planet Freon

  1. Ice Scream

Planet Automation

  1. Lock Up!!
  1. Theme of Kaiser Greedy
  1. Round Clear 2 - Beyond Space
  1. BONUS STAGE 2 - READY GO!! !!


OutRun - Last Wave

All music is recorded from the original gaming hardware.

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