4: All in the Swift boat - Andyy Hope


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Andyy Hope drops in to talk about community perceptions on naming; ie: Javi, Jim and the Beard Bash; Pop Culture, Politics and his love of cheesy 80’s movies. Programming, influences and challenges being an introvert trying to stay active in the community.

Andyy Hope

Andyy works at Punters in Melbourne, Australia.

He is also speaking at the try! Swift NYC conference this year. If you are attending too, say hello and buy him a coffee.

Javi / Jim Tweetstorm

The iOS dev community trying to stay inclusive to all genders with WWDC events such us the "Beard" Bash.

— Javi.swift (@Javi) May 19, 2016

Pop Culture:

Holy war

@ericasadun I think you under appreciate 3 space indent. It looks the best, *and* conclusively settles the tabs vs spaces debate.

— Chris Lattner (@clattner_llvm) March 31, 2016
  • Tabs vs Spaces: TABS!
  • Emacs or VIM: Xcode
  • Colour: Black (Because accessibility)
  • Gold or Rose Gold: Gold (Because aesthetics)
  • Squirtle
  • Emoji: ? Person raising both hands in celebration

Personal topics:

On being an active community member and an introvert

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