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Professional mountain bike coach Lindsey Richter is best known as the enthusiastic and inspiring front woman for Ladies AllRide, a company known for empowering thousands of women across the country through the simple act of biking.

We originally asked Lindsey to be part of the Roam Rydes Podcast to talk about her career as a successful international mountain bike coach....and then Gracie went missing.

On a warm July 4th evening in Jackson Hole Wyoming, Lindsey's world was turned upside down. Her best friend, a blue nosed pit bull rescue named Gracie, had vanished sometime during a fireworks show. What followed was an epic weeklong journey in the Wyoming wilderness, tens of thousands of would-be rescuers via social media, and an entire mountain community hell-bent on finding Gracie.

This is a story of hardship, the agonizing loss of a cherished friend, and the power of the community and oneself to beat the incredible odds in finding what matters most.

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