#74: Fargo Junior Nationals Recap


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Why Fargo Is So Important
This episode Ben Askren and Matt Dernlan recap Fargo Junior Nationals and Askren Wrestling Academy results. They discuss how much Junior Nationals has grown in the past 5 years. They attribute the growth to national media coverage and high-level coaching/training partners through Regional Training Centers. Askren talks about how Fargo is the only tournament where there is a true state team feeling. Dernlan expands on the life experience and memories gained by these kids getting into busses and airplanes and traveling as a team to a national tournament. It really brings states together as one and memories you’ll talk about for the rest of your life.
Askren Wrestling Academy (17:45)
Askren talks about AWA’s results at Fargo. He elaborates on his Mental Monday from this week about balance, knowing when you’re on the right track and staying the course. This comes after AWA representatives dropped three semifinals in a row on the junior side. On the flip side, they had nine All-Americans and 27 kids win three matches or more. Askren details all the data into spreadsheets in order to compare results from previous years and overall he is pleased with the results from this year and proud of his athletes.
Phenomenal Talent (22:12)
The first result Askren brings up is Angelo Rini from Ohio who ended up winning 14-4 in the finals. The match Askren was impressed by was his semifinal match against Wyatt Henson that ended up 23-13 in Rini’s favor. Rini was down 9-13 with 25 seconds to go in the second and was able to get come back and win big. Another match they dive into is the 182 lbs semifinal between AWA’s Parker Keckeisen and Dustin Plott where Askren feels the officials made a bad call with 53 seconds left in the first. Overall, Askren thinks 182 lbs was the bracket of the tournament. Another standout performance came from Padraic Gallagher who rolled through the tournament at 160 lbs. The last guy Askren brings up is Heavyweight Braxton Amos who dominated and didn’t allow a single point scored against him the entire tournament. Dernlan explains the complexities involved when evaluating 220 lbs wrestlers moving into college. Will they go down to 197 lbs or grow into heavyweight? How much is there physical maturity helping them at the high school level and how can you develop their skills to match the collegiate level they’ll have to face.
Upcoming Podcasts (43:30)
Askren talks about upcoming podcasts including Cadet Worlds and special guest Yianni Diakamihalis getting on the RUDIS Wrestling Podcast this week.
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