RV Navigator Episode 156 - A Day Ahead


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On the road in Sydney Australis this month. We are currently about 1 day ahead of our usual world - confusing to say the least. We left mid month for a 53 day journey that ends with us sailing back to Seattle from Sydney, Australia. It started with a long flight to Fiji where we spent a few days recovering from jet lag. This was a total day for night swap so it takes a while to make the adjustment. Another 5 hours landed us in Sydney for the start of our land tour of the interior of Australia. We did most of the coastal cities a few years ago on a cruise. The end of March finds us on our way to Hobart, Tasmania, the island off the southern coast of Australia.
RV wise, we bander about several hot topics including renting your RV, solar panel issues, and what it is like to full time.
Multiple problems compounded the creation of this months podcast. Sorry for the poor audio quality. My usual travel studio set up just would not work so this podcast has a buzz in the background. I have used filters to make is less annoying but it is still there, sorry. With our travel schedule, we just didn't have time to record this episode before the first. Here in Australia, daylight savings time starts on Sunday (4/1) so we lost another hour without even moving. Please forgive this unplanned problem. I hope to get it fixed by the next episode. We'll be on our cruise ship with a few days at sea to solve the problems.

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