Perspective-laced wisdom on life & kids with Jeff Hendricks


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Jeff Henricks, school Administrator, shares wisdom from the front-lines - wisdom on life with tween/teens - wisdom that easily applies to our own lives at all stages. Jeff's calm and thoughtful approach plus his constant encouragement toward perspective dials down the chaos that seems to find so much life in today's intensity-climate. Be refreshed and encouraged, then consider encouraging someone else walking alongside. Jeff Hendricks is Headmaster at Providence Christian School of Texas where he has been in a Middle School teaching/Administration role since 2005. He has a bachelor’s degree in English, with a minor in Theological studies from Gordon College and a Master of English at the University of Dallas. He is an avid reader and sports fan – specifically the Texas Rangers! But mostly, he genuinely enjoys kids, teaching & learning. SaySomething: a-come-as-you-are vodcast for walking life's roads (relationships, friendship, parenting, hardship, entertainment,...) together

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