Scala Valentines #2


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00:31 Foreach vs Traverse 02:36 ZIO documentation 04:41 What Functional Programming Is, What it Isn't, and Why it Matters by Noel Welsh 06:37 Functional Code is Honest Code by Michael Feathers 07:20 Wrapping Java code with Scala 09:58 Lift typeclass 11:18 47 Degrees Academy 13:23 the Moving from Scala 2 to Scala 3 course by Lunatech 14:16 Spark 3 release 15:24 Dotty + Spark = 16:10 Starting with Scala 3 macros: a short tutorial by Adam Warski 18:11 PicoCLI 19:24 Decline 20:00 Scopt 22:34 JetBrains survey 26:12 Top salaries

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