Ep 1728: 2020 Olympics Hanging By A Thread, IOC Give Themselves Four Weeks To Make A Call - 23/03/20


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As one sporting event after another fell inevitably to the coronavirus pandemic, the silence from the Tokyo Olympic Committee was deafening. As the calls for it to be postponed grew louder and louder, they maintained an almost baffling optimism that the Games would be able to continue at their appointed time and in their appointed place. Over the last 4 days, reality it appears has come crashing into the IOC's world. Tariq Panja has been covering this story for the New York Times, and he joins us today to tell us why the IOC have given themselves four weeks to make a decision, why cancellation was never an option, and why postponement for a year might yet make the most sense. We also hear why it was Nature 1 - Murph 0 this weekend, Ken opens a window into his current living condition, and Eoin's pronunciation of omelette finally gets the treatment it deserves.

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