AB 231 Live! Zig While Others Zag with Andy Lefkowitz and Linda Popky


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In business real success happens when you go against the grain. Both of our guests today on All Business saw the opportunities where others didn’t – and they reaped the benefits.

Agriculture is more than an idyllic vision of a green farm field. The industry itself isn’t the most environmentally friendly and has been impacted by a number of factors outside their control. Our first guest Andy Lefkowitz, Chairman and CEO of Locus Fermentation Solutions, a company that uses probiotics to help farmers grow crops. Locus is not just focused on farming, but in developing cleaner ways of getting oil out of the ground. Jeffrey and Andy talk about the benefits of going natural and going back to basics.

The second half of the show Linda Popky, President of Leverage2Market Associates, joins Jeffrey to talk about finding opportunities during the pandemic. Both Jeffrey and Linda agree now is the time to run into the fire, not sit on the sidelines, and now is the time to rise above the noise. While there may be more outlets than ever to get your message out, the basics of marketing are as old as time. Linda and Jeffrey also talk about the importance of writing a book, how to do it and how to use it strategically to build your brand.

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