Here’s a Good Idea: DON’T Eat Babies! | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 10/04/19


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A woman just told AOC that we need to EAT OUR BABIES to combat climate change! Glenn’s new special, “Ukraine: The Democrats’ Russia,” is available now for FREE. Not only is Biden’s involvement assured, but we translated into English for the first time the audio that helped make DNC collusion FRONT-PAGE news, but only in Ukraine. Bill O’Reilly can say for sure that Trump is obsessed with Ukraine because the DNC made it personal. And new text messages have come out that honestly don’t convict Trump at all. In other news, this all may backfire for Biden, Bernie’s on a gurney, and the New York Times doesn’t want “The United States of Trump” to be a #1 best-seller.

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