Can You Sell Your Home in Winter?


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Is it a good idea to sell your home in the winter? To answer that, let’s look at a few statistics from the past year. Between January and February, over 2,500 home closed, which is roughly 12% of all the homes sales for the year. This tells us that real buyers are still out there during winter trying to buy homes. When you think about your ideal buyer, do you want a looky-loo who’s not that motivated or someone who needs to find a house and is serious about buying now? Typically, the person who needs to buy something is willing to pay more. “Typically, the person who needs to buy something is willing to pay more.” People looking for homes in the winter are typically more serious buyers, which means that although your home might have fewer showings, you’ll deal with much more qualified buyers. Homes still sell during the winter, so if you’re thinking of beating the inventory rush of May and June, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you sell your home.

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