204 - Ophthalamia


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Ophthalamia “After a Releasing Death” Via Dolorosa (5:06) Talkset #1 “Castle of No Repair/Lies From a Blackened Heart” A Journey in Darkness (5:12) “A Lonely Soul/Hymn to a Dream” A Journey in Darkness (0:50) “Little Child of Light/Degradation of Holiness” A Journey in Darkness (9:54) “Myself/Dreaming” A Long Journey (4:00) Talkset #2 “Under Ophthalamian Skies/To the Benighted” Via Dolorosa (2:28) “Black As Sin, Pale As Death/Autumn Whispers” Via Dolorosa (7:34) “Via Dolorosa/My Springnights Sacrifice” Via Dolorosa (10:59) Talkset #3 “Elishias Mistresses Gather” Dominion (2:41) “Final Hour of Joy” Dominion (6:32) “Great Are the Deeds of Death” Dominion (6:09) Talkset #4 “Dominion” Dominion (3:40) 1.) How present is the wold of OPHTHALAMIA 22 years after it’s birth, 20 years after the first Demo and 13 years after the last officially released new recordings? Do you have an enormous amount of ideas for further eternal walks and castles of no repair – or is this chapter absolutely closed? Has it been intended to end after the third album from the start? *As I once stated; “to live and to die, under Ophthalamian skies”. That is the place where I belong, the one place which binds me to its inner source of pure and true energy. Here, on this very material plane I am all but lost, ceaselessly to wonder about my senses of any meaningful bearings. Ophthalamia is a metaphor for the place that is in truth my real home. I’ve crash-landed on alien soil here and shall thus in this existence be an intruder and outsider to the failing race of homo sapiens. There shall never be any understanding here. The source of ideas for any further journeys are drawn from a well that has no bottom, no end. I could conjure forth ongoing works on the path of the perpetual wanderer without any hesitations or troubles. Just like the skies of Ophthalamia are endless, so is the pool for its inspiration. There was no intent to make the fifth album (count them again) the last one, not until we actually had come almost through with most of the work and I ended up being fed up with myself and the scene... You do realise that from my words in the Outro on Dominion. 2.) Some of the earliest song fragments even date back to 1988 when you were part of Brejn Dedd. So that has been the time when you were hanging around with Dan Swanö, listening to German Thrash, right? He once told me that it took a while for him to get into the more brutal stuff. So has Ophthalamia been your refuge w

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