#313: My Biggest Mistakes - Lindsay Collette


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Have you ever made a mistake in your business that left you feeling defeated or helpless?

In episode 313 of the Bokeh Podcast, Lindsay Collette opens up about the biggest mistakes she's made in her business and the steps she took to correct them. Listen in as she shares practical advice on learning from and moving on from the mistakes you make in your business.

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Brand Position: To timelessly and artistically preserve every wedding, portrait session, and lifestyle session with fresh eyes, an open heart, and a little bit of cheek. I believe in the beauty and power of the in-betweens, the differentiating moments that bind your story together. (2:34)

Advice for Photographers: Stay in the race. (10:41)

Time Technique: Stop when you’re tired. (19:04)

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The Gear Bag: Ice Packs & Playlists (36:30)

My Biggest Mistakes: (39:27)

Not going for it and doing what you want to do.

Comparing myself to others.

Not listening to what my clients were telling me about what they love.

Not taking care of your health.

Quotes mentioned in this Episode:

Kenny Clapp - there is no failure, just learning experience.

"You can fail doing what you don’t want to do so you may as well take a chance an do what you love." - Jim Carrey

'Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world." - Jim Carrey




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