Creating the Ultimate Brand Experience with Jared Angaza - Ep# 137


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Overview: In this episode, our friend Jared Angaza joins us on the Think Bold, Be Bold Show! Jared is an independent brand architect, the founder of Third Way, host of the Inipi (ee 'nee pee) Radio podcast, a published author, and a philosopher. His life and work are a constant effort to expand perspectives and foster a more harmonious world. Over the past 20 years, Jared has leveraged the studies of behavioral science, consciousness, philanthropy, creativity, and culture as a Brand Architect and Philanthropist. He continues that journey today as he develops brands, cultures of innovation, and advancements in technology that enhance the human experience and our relationship with our planet. Tune in to hear Jared’s journey and learn a few branding tips along the way! 5 Golden Nuggets Shared: 1. The small things we stress about throughout the day are so minor compared to real-world issues. When you have the opportunity to see the world through another lens, it allows you to have perspective on what really matters. To live a more stress-free and simple life, let the small things go. 2. Always look at the big picture. It’s easy to focus on the race, but it’s important to keep the endgame in mind. Focusing on the big picture will lead you to success. 3. In business and life, people may not remember your words, but they will remember the feeling you left with them. When it comes to your brand, ensure your customers feel the emotions you are portraying and have a pleasant experience. 4. Give something back to society. It doesn’t have to be a monetary value either, give your time, energy, or anything you can sacrifice for the greater good. 5. Take the time to reflect on your life. Ask yourself, what is it for, what is your life really about? Find what impact you want to leave this world with, and make it happen! 3 Bold and Kick-Ass Quotes: 1. “We need bridging techniques to bring people together.“ - Jared Angaza 2. “I help people unearth the essence of who they are.“ - Jared Angaza 3. “We all have influence, no matter what. We are influencing people everywhere we go, good or bad. What are you going to do with that?“ - Jared Angaza Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with Jared! Twitter: Facebook: Amazon Author: LinkedIn: Instagram: Click the hyperlink below to connect directly with us! Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Sponsored by Mavericks Mastermind Until next time, Do Something Nice for Someone!
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