The Learn Beach Volleyball Fast Podcast #1 - Learning faster than most people with John Richardson


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Are there things one can do to learn sports (whether it's beach volleyball, golf, or something else) faster and more efficiently than the average player/athlete?

John Richardson who succeeded in his one year golf challenge that had critics all over the world telling his goal was flat out impossible and pro players telling him to "dream on", definately thinks there are a lot of things one can optimize to learn sports faster than most. And to be fair, so does Alex who is the creator of the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast project and the host of the Learn Beach Volleyball Fast podcast. Join the first ever episode of the podcast to listen in on a discussion about tons of things that could accelerate also your sports career!

00:00 - Intro

12:20 - Believing your goal is possible

23:44 - Being better but scoring worse?

27:43 - Technique, strategy or mentality first?

38:50 - Secrets to getting more results per practice hour

47:53 - Fun learning by playfulness

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"Dream On: The Challenge to Break Par in a Year" by John Richardson -

"50 Greatest Golf Tips: Make That Dream Round a Reality" by John Richardson

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