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Welcome to the podcast for teachers where we speak to the writers your children love, about everything that goes into the stories they make happen. From why one word is better than another, to creating characters and planning plots, we ask the questions that will unlock the secrets of really brilliant writing, so your pupils can add a touch of professionalism – and magic! – to their own work.

We know how much impact author visits can have in schools, and we also know just how hard it can be host them as often as teachers would like, so our aim with this podcast is to bring amazing children’s writers into your classroom at a time that suits you, for no cost whatsoever, and all supported by free resources on plazoom.com! Most of all, it’s a celebration of wonderful books, unforgettable characters, and the kinds of stories that can stay with readers for a lifetime!

We want to reach as many classrooms as possible, so please do spread the word; to subscribe to the podcast completely free, search for 'Author in Your Classroom', from Plazoom, wherever you get your podcasts!

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