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The **Urban Political** delves into contemporary urban issues with activists, scholars and policy-makers from around the world. Providing informed views, state of the art knowledge and unusual insights, the podcast aims to advance our understanding of urban environments and how we might make them more just and democratic. The **Urban Political** provides a new forum for reflection on bridging urban activism and scholarship, where regular features offer snapshots of pressing issues and new publications, allowing multiple voices of scholars and activists to enter into a transnational debate directly. Hosted by Ross Beveridge (Urban Studies Department of the University of Glasgow) and Markus Kip (Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin) Communications: Philipp Weitze (Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies at Humboldt University in Berlin) Powered in partnership with the Georg-Simmel-Center for Metropolitan Studies at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. Music credits: "Something Elated" by Broke For Free, CC BY 3.0 US If you would like to produce an episode with us or have comments, please get in touch! Follow us on Twitter: @political_urban Instagram: @urban_political Featured on wisspod: https://wissenschaftspodcasts.de/podcasts/urban-political/ Email: urbanpolitical@protonmail.com

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