Zak Kukoff on Hollywood and Storytelling


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I talk to Zak Kukoff, who is currently works in venture capital, about financing of movies, storytelling, and the most fun job in Hollywood. I think this is one of the most “fun” podcasts I’ve done so far, and Zak has always had an infectious and deep interest in the movie industry and what we can learn from it.

[00:00:00] Growing up in Los Angeles

[00:01:00] Ovitz and CAA, and a16z

[00:02:00] Disney War

[00:03:00] High concept films

[00:04:00] Franchise films

[00:05:00] The most fun job in Hollywood

[00:06:00] Netflix

[00:07:00] Corporate intrigue at Disney

[00:08:00] Eisner as Disney CEO

[00:09:00] Disneyland Paris

[00:10:00] The Achilles heel of Disney today

[00:11:00] Big budget vs agile movies

[00:12:00] Quibi

[00:13:00] Content marketing

[00:14:00] Fanfiction

[00:15:00] Adapting familiar stories in business

[00:16:00] Our own internal narratives

[00:17:00] Product marketing

[00:18:00] Tech optimist movies

[00:19:00] Big Hero 6

[00:20:00] Black Mirror

[00:21:00] Pixar

[00:22:00] Star Wars vs Star Trek

[00:23:00] The future vision of Star Trek

[00:24:00] Narrative for the tech industry

[00:25:00] Stories about how tech is changing the world

[00:26:00] Engaging with the future in storytelling

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