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I fell in love with manufacturing when I first joined that world in the mid-70's. The creativity, the choreography of information and product, the amazing things that people can accomplish when we reduce and eliminate the barriers to great performance. It's not an easy world in which to thrive, much less survive, but I have a unique set of skills and way of thinking that has helped many manufacturers since I joined the ranks. After 14 years in the "big company" world, I started my own business in 1990 committed to helping manufacturers thrive. And together we have accomplished that. I'm not here to save the world; I only try to help those who want help. While I certainly provide my strategic thinking and advice to leaders of mid-sized ($100M-$1B) manufacturing businesses for appropriate fees, I also provide plenty of FREE provocative thinking, challenges, and help to all who want it. This podcast series is only one of several avenues for that. Here is a link to make finding high-value FREE thinking for manufacturers easy: Enjoy!

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