To Sell or Not to Sell with Dave Hoeffel


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Dave Hoeffel is a client who became a friend of mine and is an amazing, conscious individual. After some time working together, Dave sold his company at the end of 2020. What is most impactful about this conversation is Dave’s level of vulnerability in sharing his challenges around deciding to sell his business, what his blocks were, and the fear he had around the impact the sale would have on his employees, customers, his family, and even his own identity. This is a great episode to get you thinking about what is missing in the experience you really want to have for your life.

What you will learn:

  • The prison high achievers often create for themselves around work and productivity
  • Some signs to pay attention to showing you when it’s time to seek outside help
  • The problems that arise when ego and significance is tied to your company
  • The major challenges founders wrestle with when transitioning out of their business
  • The challenges of “proving” yourself to others and a new frame to work from
  • How to separate family and business life in a way that allows you to be fully present for both.
  • Why having clear core values is crucial in a family business
  • Changing your mindset from an “either/or” frame to knowing you can have happy employees, a successful business AND be present with your family
  • The most important question to ask the Next Gen
  • Strategies to disconnect from the business and actually enjoy a vacation
  • How to create space in your life for the things that actually put you in flow
  • Dave’s biggest three pieces of advice for family business owners


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