The Human Cost of Help Wanted


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A severe work force shortage is forcing nonprofit human service organizations into turning away vulnerable clients with disabilities. The pandemic has exacerbated an already critical problem. In this episode we profile Beth and Cormac McDaid of Hingham. Cormac turned 22 during the pandemic, but his mom, Beth, has not been able to find a suitable day program that has room for Cormac. She worries she's not giving him opportunities to learn and grow while she is home with him. She also needs to be able to work to help support her family, but with no one to care for Cormac during the day, she is in an untenable position. We also talk with Chris White of Road to Responsibility. The Marshfield nonprofit serves adults with disabilities and is only able to take on about half the amount of their pre-pandemic client numbers because they simply don't have enough staff. Michael Weekes, of the Providers' Council also weighs in. His group advocates for the needs of providers who he says must be paid a higher wage to entice them to stay in the industry that cares for our most vulnerable.

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