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Hosted by shaman and author, Alyson Charles, Ceremony Circle Podcast (CCP) takes you on an experiential, mystical voyage that returns you to your full power, further activates your own spiritual awakening, and teaches you how to experience life as a massive miracle (aka, ceremony), all while remembering to have fun. CCP brings you diverse spiritual rituals, real-life mystical stories, million-dollar mindsets and life-changing immersive practices from the biggest, most respected and transformational spiritual leaders from all over the world. CCP also uniquely immerses you in a different, potent ceremonial experience at the end of every episode. Alyson shares her own powerful shamanic medicine and embodied spiritual gifts to honor our planet’s sacred truths and awaken your soul to the forgotten mysticism inside you. You’ll hear from master hypnotherapists, energy healers, astrologers, Akashic records readers, mediums, best-selling spiritual authors, plant medicine and soul shamans, multi-million-dollar spiritual business owners, good witches and more. With every episode, you’ll be sitting in a ceremony circle with fully activated and highest energetic transmissions, and you’ll receive blessings from the most epic and embodied, spiritual teachers walking the Earth. Prepare to leave each episode feeling more connected, energized and empowered than ever before and with a new, super-charged ceremonial practice to implement in your own life. About Ceremony Circle host, Alyson Charles: Alyson is a world-leading author, teacher, medium and shaman who is called to bring sacred rituals and shamanic teachings to the mainstream in powerfully unique ways. Forbes magazine named Alyson a “Full-fledged Guide into Your Psyche” and a “Leading Shaman and Author for Expanding Others into Their Full Power and Gifts.” Oprah Magazine recommends Alyson’s work as a “Top Meditation to Try.” Dazed Magazine says Alyson has, “One of the Top Seven Wellness Accounts on Instagram” and Marie Claire calls her, “The Next Big Thing.” Her work has been featured in The New York Times, National Geographic, and many other publications. Alyson has shared shamanic journeys for audiences larger than 15,000 and was the resident energy guru for the world’s top wellness platform. Her book and card deck, Animal Power, will be published in the fall of 2021 by Chronicle Books. Please visit https://www.alysoncharles.com and https://www.instagram.com/iamalysoncharles for more information Due to the powerful energies shared on the show, it is highly recommended that you listen to Ceremony Circle in a comfortable space where you can fully receive all the benefits of this podcast experience.

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