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Cosmolocalism represents an emerging body of theory and practice. At its heart it envisions a planetary mutualization of knowledge, in which localities benefit from and contribute to all other localities through open design, open hardware, open medicine and open knowledge, all of which supports and accelerates human wellbeing and a transition to low eco-footprints / carbon economies, empowers communities as producers of what they need and generates livelihoods. Biography Jose M. Ramos is director of Action Foresight, a Melbourne-based business that focuses on bridging transformational futures with present-day action. He has taught foresight, public policy and social innovation at a number of universities, including at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, Swinburne University of Technology, and the University of Sunshine Coast. He is senior consulting editor for the Journal of Future Studies, and has over 50 publications spanning economic, cultural and political change. He is the editor of the book The City as Commons: a Policy Reader (2016, Commons Transition Coalition) and editor of the upcoming book Planetary Cities. Links Commons Transition Coalition The City as Commons: a Policy Reader Planetary Cities: Future Hacking the Urban About the SPIDERS Platform This series of talks is organized on behalf of SPIDERS, the Seoul Platform for Initiating Discourses on Equitable and Resilient Society, and funded by the Seoul Institute. The talks complement a series of original papers published on the SPIDERS platform, dedicated to outlining the building blocks of post-capitalist political economies and societies, not oriented around growth and profit, but rather good lives and a flourishing web of life in times of profound planetary change. Hosting these talks are founder of the P2P Foundation, Michel Bauwens, and Rok Kranjc, researcher, designer and translator in the fields of political ecology, alternative economies and participatory futures. Link to the paper series:

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