Sage Wisdom from Acquisition - with Scott Hansen


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Like many entrepreneurs, Scott Hansen, founder and CEO of LeadSigma, never envisioned that he would strike out on his own and start his own company, let alone two. Growing up, Scott’s mother was an orthodontist, and it was his plan to follow in that same path and become a dentist. After completing undergrad, he deferred dentist school and decided to spend time working at his mother’s office, which began his entrepreneurial journey.

“If what you’re doing right now does not reflect what you want it to be a year from now, then you’re doing the wrong thing.” -Scott Hansen

In our conversation, Scott shares with us his story of how he started Professional Chats, his first company. He details how he grew it into many different verticals and went on to sell it. He talks about the year spent travelling with his wife before starting LeadSigma, and the preparation that went into founding and getting Lead Sigma off the ground. We talk about the importance of planning future growth, and how to incorporate that into current daily practices in order to achieve results in the future.

To learn more about Scott, check out his LinkedIn profile here: Or for more information on LeadSigma, go to:

Topics In This Episode:

  • Self-reflection questions to ask when thinking about sales and marketing
  • Understanding the value of forward-thinking
  • The value of early team members for a business
  • Paying special attention to the culture of the organization from the outset
  • Traits they look for in bringing on new team members
  • The role intuition plays when it comes to the hiring process
  • Daily meetings, how to keep them fresh and their importance in planning for the future

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