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Word for Life Today is for serious saints of God - - those who are intent upon living in the reality of being God's sons and daughters while we journey through this very secular world! We’re not trying to appeal or appease social expectations, neither do we necessarily reject all of them. Our focus is on being spiritually correct with God by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Word for Life Today deals with current secular concerns as they affect our lives … addressing these with a spiritual mindset which is in contrast with a social, secular mindset! Our approach on any concern, issue or topic is with a Biblical Christian Worldview ... not from a "religious Christian" mindset. Our overall focus is on discipleship, more specifically living as God's sons and daughters in everyday real life, that is, to be spiritually minded living in this secular world, not carnally minded trying to understand what is spiritual! We share Biblical Christian messages intended to edify and encourage and help God's people to grow in strength, wisdom and understanding as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ ... not in isolation but in the reality of living real life in this world system which opposes God and God’s people.

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