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Timeless Voyager Series From 1987 through 1994 Timeless Voyager Radio was broadcast over 250 radio stations world-wide in most top 50 radio markets in the US, Canada, and Short-Wave world-wide. Bruce Stephen Holms, host started the program on KCSB 91.9 from UCSB in Santa Barbara, CA. Interviews with leading edge speakers in the fields of UFOs, Extraterresteial encounters, Alternative and Natural Health, Channeling, Psychic Phenomena, Cryptozoology (Bigfoot/Sasquatch), Religio-Political, Seers, and The quest for Enlightenment. What made Timeless Voyager Radio different was the program was broadcast at 9 am instead of the usual late night hours that was reserved for “para-normal” programs. Launched on a college station in 1987, by 1990 Timeless Voyager Radio was carried over satellite and distributed to commercial stations in the US. Now you can enjoy the library of over 200 remastered programs in podcast format on demand. And soon there will be new programs issued.

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