Pamela Means (Protests and Love Songs)


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Pamela Means is among the most incisive and insightful describers of injustice and indignation, anger and antipathy — on a level with few others. Her songs create a lens, and in its focus we can call out the racists, the fascists, the homophobes, the horror dealers among us. And yet, Pamela Means is at the same time a writer of love songs, making space for love. This is the story of her career doing both and more and how Pamela continues to honor that heavy responsibility, speaking the truth and calling things out.

Clips in this episode:

  1. James Cameron (Pamela Means, ‘Single Bullet Theory’ - 2003)
  2. Maybe You Should (Pamela Means, ‘Cobblestones’ - 1998)
  3. Strange Fruit (Pamela Means, ‘Single Bullet Theory’ - 2003)
  4. Potholes (Pamela Means, ‘Bone Spurs’ - 1995)
  5. Speak - Live w. Ani DiFranco (Pamela Means, ‘Bone Spurs’ - 1995)
  6. Truth (Pamela Means, ‘Cobblestones’ - 1998)
  7. Maggie’s Farm (Pamela Means, ‘Pearls’ - 2000)
  8. Two Halves (Pamela Means, ‘Single Bullet Theory’ - 2003)
  9. My Funny Valentine (Pamela Means, ‘Jazz Project, Vol. 1’ - 2006)
  10. My Brother Was (Pamela Means, ‘Plainfield’ - 2016)
  11. Impeachment Now! (Pamela Means, ‘Impeachment Now!’ - 2018)
  12. Color of the Skin (Pamela Means and The Reparations, ‘Live at Northfire’ - 2020)

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