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Kick back, pour yourself a nice dram of whisky, and let’s settle you in for some low-key conversations on high-performance living. Wise Words & Whisky is for the entrepreneur, CEO, leader, executive, and business owner who’s dedicated to pushing themselves beyond their limits, but also needs a break from the hustle and grind. Your host, Wylie McGraw, is a former star athlete, competitive bull rider, and 3-tour combat veteran, turned whisky enthusiast best known for unfucking the lives of powerful and prominent people. He’s the no BS, nothing off-limits, self proclaimed demon slayer, but that’s not what you’re getting on this show. Here, Wylie distills down the behind-the-scenes work he’s been doing for over a decade with celebrities, pro athletes, millionaires and billionaires alike, and helps you uncover how you can benefit from those insights and lessons learned along the way. If you feel like you’re operating at a higher level than 99% of the people around you, and you want to take your game even further, this show is for you. Accompanied by a stiff pour of premium whisky, Wylie and his guests are delivering new insights for better living, enhanced personal freedom, and how to attain peace with success. Subscribe now to never miss an episode.

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