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SFN OTR is a collection of shows that delves into the lives and relationships of the members of the Super Fun Network. Shows on SFN OTR: Cold Ones: Members of SFN gather together to ether shoot the breeze or focus on a specific topic. One On One with Ryan Mitchell: Ryan does one on one interviews with members of SFN, and sometimes special guests. Ryan Rambles: Ryan sits down and talks about a subject at length. Legend of the Galactic Novices: Chris and Ryan recap and review episodes of one of the greatest animes made, Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Currently on Episode 7) Attack of the Sports!: Austin and Ryan try to defeat sports once and for all. A sports podcast bringing you some of the best possible coverage for a bunch of dudes who just really like sports. Kamen Rider Journey: As one era comes to a close, two friends come together to finally discover the wonders of the legendary tokusatsu TV series, Kamen Rider! Join Tanner and Ryan as they begin Kamen Rider Kuuga and discuss bad subtitles, sweet fight scenes, and incredible 2000s video quality. Nerdography: Austin hosts a show that goes into what makes people nerds, and how they became nerds.

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