Episode 17: Shades and Coffee with Kemi Abiola - Queens Support Queens


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Today's guest is a radio show host, a motivational speaker, a life coach, a fitness professional, and her events company celebrated its 12th year this July.

However, she would most like to be remembered for being a daughter, sister and mother who is very passionate about family believing, that true balance in life is achieved through your family and friendship bonds.

Over the years she has set up support networks that uplift, inspire, encourage and help her clients and audience achieve their personal and professional goals.

She encourages others to think outside of the box, reminding them that in reality there is no box, just a mindset. The only boundaries and limits being the ones you set for yourself.

Her top tip for life is : ADD VALUE TO THE WORLD through DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Life should feel like a passionate hobby, not a chore.

I’m very excited to Kick It with the delightful,
Kemi Abiola

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