Episode 23: Shades and Coffee with Rima Majed - Pilates Body Shape


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My guest today came to the UK in 1989 to escape the war in Lebanon.

She now runs a very successful boutique Pilates studio in West London where she currently has 8 teachers running 43 classes each week to over 250 clients of all ages and abilities.

Services include Mat and Reformer Pilates, Yoga, Barre classes, and personal training sessions.

She prioritises personal attention to form, technique and achieving the right results for each client, over simply maximising revenues. Her class sizes are kept small (around 6 people) in order to achieve this.

Often described as a ray of sunshine, this coffee addict can be relied on to help her clients find perspective and a positive mental attitude as she has quite the knack for training both mind and body through her sessions.

Please welcome founder and owner of Pilates Body Shape

Rima Majed

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