S2E01: Blessed Be the Man


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Season Two, Episode One of Shadows at the Door: The Podcast In 'Blessed Be the Man' we join Professor Troughton as he is forced to defend his pursuit of paranormal knowledge. Before long his scientific thinking is put to the test, as a strange phenomenon outside a nearby churchyard invites an all new terror into his life. This episodes features special guest Professor Elemental.

After the production join host Mark Nixon and David Ault for a spirited discussion of the story and a collection of tangents with subjects including Matt Berry, Chap Hop, William Shakespeare and also featuring an interview with Professor Elemental himself. Written by Mark Nixon

Performances by David Ault, Gemma Amor, Paul Alborough & Mark Nixon

Music by Nico Vetesse

Editing by Mark Nixon

©2018-2020 Shadows at the Door Publishing Intro (00:00:40) Story (00:02:10) Discussion Pt 1 (00:36:32) Professor Elemental Interview (00:53:41) Discussion Pt 2 (01:05:25) Credits (01:14:41)

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