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Yaaaayyyyy! It’s book club day!

This month, we read the debut novel from Emily Itami called Fault Lines. Fault Lines follows the story of Mizuki, a Japanese housewife with two adorable children and an extremely hardworking husband. She has everything anyone could ever want, so why does the book open with her wanting to throw herself off a high-rise balcony rather than spend another evening folding laundry or being ignored by her husband? Then, Mizuki meets Kiyoshi, a successful restaurateur. He understands her, listens to her - hell, he even looks her in the eye when he is speaking. So, what is a woman like Mizuki to do when she finds herself at such a fork in the road?

Today on the show, Mich, Zara, and Annabelle discuss the intersection between motherhood, subservience, and the affair threaded throughout this novel, as well as what the ending said about the meaning of happiness.

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