Hollywood Hangover: The Halloween Spooptacular Squeakual - Drunk... In Your House - Episode 19


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The Halloween tradition continues as we talk gym class, WWE being a dumpster fire, why Greg sent a nude to Dave Lagana and finally spoopy talk. Spoop talk you say? That's right let's talk about Chamber of Horrors, Tiger Ali Singh's career and Katy Vick. Soesic Clothing: www.soesicclothing.co/?rfsn=3208310.fee271 Patreon: www.patreon.com/ShellpodDIYH Paypal: www.paypal.me/ShellshockNetwork Follow us on Twitter: Greg: twitter.com/goodnightlove35 YouTube Channel: youtube.com/user/TheShellpod Twitch Channel: twitch.tv/shellshocknetwork?from-redirect=true

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