006: Gaining Clarity and Confidence with Elaine Turso


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Elaine Turso is also known as "ELAINE THE BRAIN" HER SUPER POWERS INCLUDE: PERSPECTIVE AND CONFIDENCE, SOMETHING THAT CONNECTS WITH ALL OF HER PASSIONS… BRAINSTORMING, BUSINESS, BOUDOIR, AND BRANDING! She has been a business owner since 2001. Elaine started to grow her business, and in 2012, she took her business full time, quit her 9-5 office job and do what she loved for a career. She discovered how important networking was, and discovered she had a gift. Connecting the right business owners together, to collaborate or connect, was something that others looked forward to in their conversations. Elaine discovered a new gift... the gift of the brain. While connecting with other business owners, she began to start spewing out ideas, so fast that it was hard for people to keep up by taking notes, so sometimes they would just record the conversation. Elaine now uses her gifts to help business owners re-discover their love and passion for their business or career. Sometimes we get so caught up in doing the work, that we forget WHY we are doing it.



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