139: How Real Estate Investing Allowed Her to Retire From Her 9-to-5 (Kendra Barnes of The Key Resource)


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Today in the guest chair we have Kendra Barnes. At the time of this recording, Kendra was an Economist by day and Real Estate Investor by night.

Kendra is now a full-time Real Estate Investor and Founder of The Key Resource. Her real estate investments afforded her the ability to retire from the 9-5 life at the age of 32! She created The Key Resource to inspire, empower and educate people about the power of home ownership and Real Estate investment. She currently owns and manages 4 properties (8 rental units total).

Her key message to anyone looking to buy a home or a rental property is: “You don’t have hit the lottery or be left an inheritance to buy property. You can start with what you have right now. You are worthy of wealth.”

On today’s episode, we get into:

  • What inspired her to get into real estate
  • The mistakes she and her husband made when purchasing their first property
  • The risky move they took to make their down payment
  • The “house hacking” technique that allows you to save a huge amount on your down payment
  • And so much more!

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