186: How Attorney Turned Founder Tracey Pickett Created the Hairbrella: The Rain Hat Reinvented


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Today in the guest chair we have Tracey Pickett, Founder of Hairbrellal. Hairbrella is an innovative rain hat combining fashion and function to protect women's hair from the rain. Hairbrella was launched on Kickstarter and was successfully funded in December 2016.

Since then, this passionate entrepreneur, attorney, inventor, and speaker has invested her money, time, blood sweat and tears into bringing Hairbella from an idea and prototype to fully developed product on the market.

In today’s episode, you will hear how Tracey began her legal career at a Fortune 5 technology company working in the areas of corporate and intellectual property law. She was an attorney by day and spent nights and weekends developing her passion for entrepreneurship.

In 2014, Tracey launched her first entrepreneurial venture, Eboticon – a media design company with a mission to create dynamic and culturally relevant emojis for niche social groups.

In November 2016, Tracey left her job to lead Eboticon full time and to launch her second entrepreneurial venture, Hairbrella.

In today’s episode, Tracey breaks down:

  • The financial investments she made to patent and prototype Hairbrella
  • How she used early user feedback to continue to develop and improve her product
  • How she pushed past the earliest challenges in her business to make a product that is stylish and WORKS

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