Slackers Studio Episode 5: Free-flowing Bonus Time!


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Slackers Studio: A Podcast for Slackers - Games, Movies, Beer and Fun! Episode 5: Free-flowing Bonus Time! BONUS EPISODE! Kinda! We are in separate locations this time and each have a favourite beer to share with you. Elvis Juice and Hobgoblin! *This Week in Gaming & Our Lives* ED: - Still slowly levelling a Hunter - Searing Gorge is fun. - Have alpha on 3 accounts… probably won’t go in. - Overwatch Anniversary is well and truly over - I miss it! - New features coming that we haven’t talked about yet… Player endorsements! ALSO LFG IN OVERWATCH!? - Finished Destiny 2! Well.. sorta Jack: - Overwatch anniversary, got all the skins I want - Skyrim to fill the void once more - Old school runescape hacked and slashed DISCUSSION TOPIC: WoW Classic Update! Quick summary Rebuilding the coding isn’t that simple! Who’da thunk it?! Settled on Patch 1.12 Drums of War as the foundation as it “represents the most complete version of the classic experience” Basically we have battle grounds and most of the other stuff you remember No release date yet! But it’s happening :D * Movies/TV:* Ed watched: - Firefly. That’s it. That’s all. Jack watched : - Restrepo - Haunting film LUCIFER IS BACK *Tech Stuff:* ED: - NEW WORKSTATION ARRIVED. Will it work?! WHO KNOWS! Certainly not me. - WAIT! YES I DO. IT IS ALLIIIIVEEEEEE SORTA JACK: - Getting an SSD Card, re-updating it ALL - Graphics Card - Edging closer to a purchase *Futuregazing * ED: NOTHING! JACK: - Bushcraft - I want to get out more, get out of my head more - Skyrim - New Character - Warcraft - Planning for end of expansion Join us on DISCORD:

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