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I’m your host Sherrod Small, comedian, actor, writer, producer and just a handsome fella. And this is Small Ball, the sports show that you want to be part of, and you are! The audience is our co-host. We bring some of the biggest names in sports together with some of the biggest names in comedy and we kick it. We talk scores, players, coaches, beginnings, life, anything under the sun sports-related. Every comedian I know had dreams of being a sports star and most athletes think they’re funny. Some are, some ain’t, and we’re bringing these worlds together to show the similarities and the passion for sports that exist in all of us. We want our fans to have access to us, and vice versa. More of a cool hang than just stuffed shirts talking stats, you can get that anywhere. We want to laugh and cheer and celebrate something we all love, SPORTS. We love sports, and a fun hang, and cool people. And you know what, we know you will too.

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