Episode #24: A Talk Story w/ Dr. Jodi Nishida, The Keto Prescription


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Today we will continue our Sustainable Leaders series and have a Talk Story with Dr. Jodi Nishida, the founder of The Keto Prescription. We will chat about the buzz word, KETO and explain the Keto diet that everyone has been talking about. The myths, the truths, what works and why.

Dr. Jodi is a Doctor of Pharmacy certified in both cardiovascular disease management and ketogenic nutrition. She is a speaker, author, mom, and huge local advocate for keto. You can find her doing educational videos and posts on social media when she isn't seeing patients in her keto clinic. She works closely with both in-house physicians and/or your doctor to help you heal and lose weight safely. Dr. Jodi is the pharmacist who wants to help get you off your medications because she understands the dangers and risks of western medicine.

Dr. Jodi Nishida | Email: drjodinishida@gmail.com | Website: https://www.theketoprescription.com/

Facebook | Instagram: @theketoprescription

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